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Found 7 Models under Manufacturer: " Heine "
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BBMBIOMED Medical Batteries

Manufacturer: "Heine"

Model Capacity Part# Price
Accubox (send in for Retrofit)
7.2V/1.3AH 7521 39.95
Accubox II ( X-04.99.624 )Head Light - staggered pack -Save Connector - Nicd Version
6V/1.6AH 6641 37.95
AccuScan-S, NicaTron-S (X-02.99.314)
3.6V/.750AH - (NiCD) 5097 29.95
Beta R, TR, NT Handle (X-02.99.382) NiMH
3.5V/1000mAh 6169 109.95
SL300 Head Light (send in for retrofit)
6V/1.2AH 7641 37.95
X-02.99.380 Laryngoscope , Beta R, TR,NT Handles. Retrofit. Kappa 100 Otoscope (NiCD)
3.6V/750Mah 5094 34.95
X-04.99.641 (Save Connector)
6V / 2.3 Ah 6641-nimh 49.95

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